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Imagine you are traveling on one of the only remaining passenger trains in Mexico, El CHEPE.

To enjoy the imposing landscape of Barrancas Divisadero, waterfalls, lakes, valleys, and wonders Sierra Tarahumara offers….

Imagine a journey through history to the time of the Revolution to see the home of our Gral. Francisco Villa or through Independence and getting to know the calabozo where the father of the country, El Cura Don Miguel Hidalgo, spent his last days…

Imagine that you can travel even further back in time and visit the World Heritage archaeological ruins of Paquimé, dating back to the year 700…

Imagine sliding down white sand dunes and doing some sandboarding, bubble soccer, or horseback riding, while traveling through a beautiful landscape in the Samalayuca Desert

Imagine a juicy roast meat, accompanied by delicious quesadillas (with cheese lol), a stuffed chilaca and for dessert an apple pie....

Imagine the bluest sky, the purest air and ... reaching your destination in 15 minutes!

Now… open your eyes! This is not a dream; Chihuahua makes it a reality! Agriculture, livestock, trade, history, ecotourism, gastronomy, and much, much more!

Why do you think we are THE GREAT STATE?

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