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FY22 Started with a brand new program for the OR&ICU community: DARE 2 WIN.

What is DARE 2 WIN? DARE 2 WIN is the new OR&ICU attitude and reinforces the 5 Medtronic Mindsets:

Foster Belonging

Act Boldly

Compete to Win

Move with Speed & Decisiveness

Deliver Results the right way

In a challenging year ahead, where we will face the consequences of a pandemic. DARE 2 WIN is the perfect program to integrate our OR&ICU community, to be bold, to innovate, to move fast as we can while delivering results the right way.

The program will have the total of 6 activities throughout the year, each activity is linked to a specific mindset.

The first activity to be launched in Q1 is GET CONNECTED power by scramble. GET CONNECTED will help the team to foster belonging and integrate the new Operating Units team members.

Still in Q1 we will have DARE TO EXPERIENCE which is linked to deliver results the right way. This activity consists in inviting an external well-known guest speaker to talk about his experiences in challenging situations. This activity will also be offered in Q3.

As also part of Q1 is BUSINESS WEEKS, where the team will have the opportunity to learn about the other Clusters and Operating Units business model.

Q2 will start with the PORTFOLIO WEEKS and will be an opportunity to the team to learn about all the OR&ICU Portfolio.

The Boldest will do a comeback for Q3. The program will still consist in finding the Boldest project in LATAM.

Moreover, each quarter will have a special activity: MOVE 2 WIN, these sessions will recognize team members across the OR&ICU community who are showing a DARE 2 WIN attitude. Also, these sessions will reinforce the DARE 2 WIN attitude and the Mindsets as well, focusing on how we can apply them on our daily job.

Watch the video below to learn more about D2W:

By Maria Camila Quintero

Sr. Marketing Analyst SI LATAM

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