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Digital marketing resources significantly help us reach out to a wide range of customers, promote our products and therapies, and differentiate our brand from the competition. Simultaneously, pre-approved collaterals ensure that the images and messages we broadcast are aligned with local requirements, especially from a regulatory perspective.

There is no doubt about how important and useful they are! However… where are they? Are there any official repositories that marketers and sales reps can use and easily share with customers? The answer is… yes! Our promotional contents are available at your fingertips, through the C2 and Digital Depot digital tools.

Digital Depot is the Medtronic-wide internal website that allows you to search for approved content already published in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), making it a very useful tool for marketers when searching for materials and planning local initiatives, as it provides access to a wide range of assets―including source and HTML files.

At the same time, C2 (Content Cloud) was especially designed for our sales teams to share approved and ready-to-use content with customers. Sales teams can find on a single repository all approved collaterals for their specific region, whether to be used online or offline. Sales representatives are also able to download or share materials directly with customers. Currently, there are 328 different assets available at C2 for our sales teams in Latin America to leverage.

Here’s what Alessandra Oncala do Valle, LATAM Marketing Operations Director, has to say on the importance of ensuring you are using the appropriate assets according to your purpose: “Social media has an incredible reach in Latin America. However, not all collaterals may be shared there, because these materials are created with specific purposes in mind. Therefore, if you would like to share something through social media, ensure that it´s a LinkedIn or Facebook-approved post before sharing it.”

Please check below a summary of each tool:

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By Alessandra Oncala
LATAM Marketing Operations Director

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