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Sonicision Curved Jaw is not just a product launch. It has become a new opportunity to co-create and collaborate across teams in LATAM and, from that, to enhance a new marketing and sales effort.

At the end of 2020, we launched Sonicision Curved Jaw in Brazil and Mexico. We began thinking of new ways to approach surgeons through an omnichannel campaign with our product’s key messages. Afterwards, other countries joined us in this effort, even though they had already launched this product.

Now we can see how this kind of project can facilitate joining concepts together, allowing for more efficiency and working together for a better result. For that reason, the digital campaign "WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF FREEDOM" was created. It is a campaign with standardized images and messages developed to address multiple channels―such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and e-mail―, which gave countries the ability to set their own start, sequence, and schedule for message delivery.

Thus far, we have received very positive comments from surgeons, as well as having product demonstrations requested through digital channels. Most importantly, we have been able to guide them properly, either due to them having direct contact with the seller, or because they have obtained the country-specific contacts of our marketing teams.

In the end, we are impacting more and more surgeons by offering the best technology on the market in ultrasonic dissection systems, a product that will lead our efforts to gain market share in vessel sealing.

Follow us — we’re sure you’ll be convinced that freedom is in our hands!

By Alejandro Posada
LATAM Sr. Marketing Manager – SES

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