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Geoff Martha, our new CEO, has been emphatic in regards to Market Share as a goal, asking us to measure the size of the market and evaluate our participation in it. We also need to take a turn so that we can measure the SI market in Latin America.

We have created the Market Share Initiative, aiming to qualify and measure the main LATAM accounts, with basic qualitative and also quantitative information, in order to have a vision concerning account potential and penetration. When the tool is completely implemented in Q1FY22, it will enable the creation of dashboards per account, which will be the instrument for sales and marketing teams to create a tactical plan to increase or protect our Market Share.

The initiative is divided into two stages. The first stage takes place in Q3FY21 and promotes collecting information on our accounts. This information (for SI) is basically the volume per procedure performed by the hospital. The second stage will take place in Q4FY21 and it will ask the sales team to bring qualitative information on the accounts for the purpose of estimating our Market Share per procedure.

We understand that gathering this information will not be easy, which is why there is a period of three months for all the information to be made available in the system. We have also created a research tool in Qualtrics, as it provides a friendly and easy-to-use format.

Join me on this journey to understand our Market Share and gain more ground in the market!Para acessar o tutorial clique aqui:

Access the Market Share account form here:

By Filipe Milano
LATAM Sr. Marketing Manager – Stapling & OMH

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